Intriguing Kickstarter Pet Toy Projects
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Intriguing Kickstarter Pet Toy Projects

Intriguing Kickstarter Pet Toy Projects

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that lets you explore through some creative ideas. Almost anything can be found with a simple search that encourages you to support the new concept.

Pet toy projects on Kickstarter are an underrated section of the platform. Although you may need to wait for some of the items after supporting a campaign, the innovative approach used to create new items can be intriguing for your pet.

It can also feel good to support a new company.

Here are some of the most unique projects that you can find on Kickstarter in 2020.

Most dogs love a soft chew toy. The only problem with most designs is that they disintegrate quickly in the jaws of a tough chewer. You could easily spend $20 on something that could last five minutes or less! The included squeakers can even get lodged in the throat, causing a mess of health issues to manage. Although no toy is entirely indestructible, this one does an excellent job of withstanding lots of play. It is also safe to put in the washing machine.

Louie’s Box
This campaign ended in 2013, but the idea is still an excellent one. Cats love a safe place that feels isolated while having moments to be around company. The design, which is shaped like a submarine, lets your kitty sneak in while having a portal for spying on others. Take inspiration from this idea to see what you could find around the house to offer a similar outcome!

Pets love to be destructive. You can even see it in their eyes when they’re about to take apart a beloved plush figure. This 2017 project created a new toy that pets could take apart repetitively without actually destroying it. Over $112,000 was raised to start production on the project. They come in several different sizes, offer a squeaker, and let animals play with tentacles, tails, or limbs whenever they want. When playtime is over, you can put the critter back together again.

The Smelly Sock
This dog toy uses the power of your scent to reduce issues with chewing, scratching, and separation anxiety. You can put anything that smells like you into this toy. Then they can play with it instead of getting into the laundry or stealing your shoes. The bright colors encourage interaction, along with the crinkle sounds that come from within the product. It is a non-toxic item that can inspire hours of play!

Cats like to play aggressively at times. When you get smacked with a claw-laden paw, it doesn’t feel so good. This toy can let you bat back at them, but its actual intent is to offer sounds and a laser that your pet will enjoy interacting with each day. You can run out their energy, cure boredom, and relieve anxiety in one investment.

Kickstarter can be a lot of fun to explore when you’re looking for innovative products. These examples are only the beginning of what you can find there today.

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