How Often Should I Play with My Pet?
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How Often Should I Play with My Pet?

How Often Should I Play with My Pet?

Most pets are relatively resilient and independent. You can leave them at home while completing your work responsibilities without much worry. As long as there are a few toys available to keep them entertained, you’ll have a happy and healthy animal.

When you get home, the first thing most pets want from you is attention. Many people take this opportunity to sit with their dogs and cats for a snuggle. What you may not realize is that all of the tail wagging and leg rubbing could be their way of saying it is time to play.

Although the amount of time an animal needs to play varies on the pet, you should expect to spend at least one hour doing something fun with them. Larger dogs may want double that time, while smaller breeds may require half of it.

Cats generally require about one hour of playtime per day.

How Much Alone Time is Too Much for Pets?

Animals don’t require constant companionship. Having a life spent in isolation isn’t one that pets would find to be fulfilling. It would help if you had a balance between having some space and spending time with them.

Most dogs struggle to be alone all day, every day, because of their social nature. The domestication process expands that need by creating a desire to please humans. When you see destruction at home, it is because separation anxiety creating feelings that needed a coping skill.

How do pets cope with difficult feelings? They chew and scratch things.

It would be best if you also considered the bathroom needs of your pet. Cats have litter boxes that allow them to be more independent, but dogs need to go outside at least once every eight hours.

How to Add More Stimulation to a Pet’s Life

It doesn’t take much effort to add more social encounters to your pet’s daily routine. If you must be gone for work throughout the day, consider dropping off your animal at an authorized daycare in your community. They’ll get to spend some time interacting with their peers while you earn the money to pay the bills.

When your day is over, stop by the daycare facility to pick up your pet.

If that doesn’t seem like a suitable choice for your pet, consider having a walker come by the house to give your animal some exercise. You might speak with a friend, neighbor, or family member about staying at your place to ensure that social interactions occur.

When animals spend too much time alone, they tend to disassociate from the world. They might want to stay in their crate, grow apprehensive at social encounters, or become anxious when strangers come near them.

Overly exuberant pets who greet you at the front door are also giving you a clue that you were gone for too long.

Playing with your pet should be part of your regular schedule. Although there may be days when it is a challenge to get an hour to play, anything you can offer is going to be greatly appreciated.

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