Best Pet Toys to Inspire Creativity and Intelligence
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Best Pet Toys to Inspire Creativity and Intelligence

Best Pet Toys to Inspire Creativity and Intelligence

Some pets love a simple ball to chase and catch. Others prefer something that stimulates the mind, offers a treat, or engages the senses.

The average dog has the same level of intelligence as a human toddler. Some cats can be even higher than that on the “smartness” spectrum. Ensuring that you have a way to keep them busy helps to protect your furniture and your sanity.

These are the best pet toys to consider using to inspire your animal’s creativity and intelligence.

List of the Best Pet Puzzles and Toys for Smart Animals

1. Odin
This treat dispenser is one of the most durable designs available today. Place up to a cup of food inside the product to let your pet go to work. The modular design allows you to use two or more toys to change up playtime so that it stays intriguing. Bigger animals can even throw it without having it break apart.

2. Fable
This claw-shaped toy features two treat cavities to encourage interaction. One works well for dry food, while the other can have a spread on it. The interlocking shape allows you to mix it with other play items to create whatever functionality you need. It also comes with several color options that optimize the impact on your pet’s visual spectrum.

3. Wild One
You receive three toys in this kit. It comes with a triangle tug that dogs really love. There’s a ball that bounces unpredictably for many pets to enjoy, and a twist toss with various applications. Hide some treats inside for another way to reward their positive behavior. Each one is made from BPA-free rubber to ensure a healthy playing experience.

4. iFetch
Dogs love this toy the most. It’s an automatic launcher that tosses a ball up to 30 feet away. When your pup drops it into the chute, it launches again so they can fetch it. Any animals that have play motivation and love playing fetch are going to appreciate this invention. Although the cost is significantly higher than most pet toys, you’ll get a lot of use from this product.

5. Wickedbone Smart Bone
The motorized design of this toy allows you to control its movements and speed from a companion app. That means you can play with your pet remotely from almost anywhere in the world. It has enough durability to manage frequent chewing without being overly tough on the teeth. Take care if you have a larger breed because getting into the electronics of the device could be dangerous.

6. Zippy Burrow Log
This plush dog toy comes with three cute squirrels that play hide-and-seek in a log. Each one has a squeaker inside to encourage chewing. You can turn it into an interactive game by playing some fetch.

The best pet toys that encourage creativity can help your pet stay mentally engaged. Choose one of the products from this list to start having some more fun at home!

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