Best Dog Toys to Buy in 2020
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Best Dog Toys to Buy in 2020

Best Dog Toys to Buy in 2020

If there is one thing that all dogs like to do, it is to play with their people. You’ll find that mischievous face coming at you when watching TV, tail wagging away, telling you to grab some toys.

Dogs also appreciate having a couple of favorite toys in their crate for entertainment purposes when they need to take space.

When the current batch of toys feels old and boring, consider grabbing one of these options to rekindle the excitement in your canine.

List of the Best Dog Toys to Buy Today

1. KONG Wobbler
The only thing that dogs love more than playing is a chance to earn a treat. This toy combines both options to create a fun experience! It is the right size for most breeds, keeping them entertained for up to several hours each day because a small hole distributes treats as it rolls along the floor. The larger models are big enough to put an entire meal inside of the product. You can also leave it empty to use as a fetch mechanism.

2. Chuckit! Flying Squirrel
If your dog was born to run, then they will appreciate this toy. Instead of using a standard Frisbee design, this product comes with raised sides that make it easier to grab with their teeth. It floats well in the water, and the item has a glow-in-the-dark feature for night-time play. Choose from one of three different sizes that reach up to 11 inches in diameter, then let the flexible canvas material fly through the air for a fun game.

3. iDogMate Automatic Ball Launcher
Your dog might decide it is playtime, but your feet have decided it is the right moment to watch some television. When this toy is in the backyard, your put can entertain themselves. It launches custom-made balls up to 30 feet, providing a receptacle for the canine to drop the item upon return so that it begins again. You can also power it with a remote controller if you prefer

4. West Paw Design Zogoflex
Big dogs love a game of tug-of-war in the backyard. If you have a sturdy rope, then you have everything you need for a fun bonding experience. When you want to take this time to the next level, the S-shaped, BPA-free plastic encourages play between you and your pup or the rest of your pact. The strength of the product is guaranteed – if your dog chews through it, the manufacturer replaces it or gives you a refund.

5. Snuggle Puppy
Some dogs have significant separation anxiety issues to manage. These emotions can impact their behavior during the day, and how they sleep at night. This toy holds a heat pack to provide comfort, a soft heartbeat to mimic the idea of sleeping next to mom, and calming effects when you travel.

The best dog toys to buy in 2020 can help your pup stay entertained throughout the day. Bring home the one that makes sense from this list so that everyone can have a great time!

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