Best Cat Toys to Buy in 2020
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Best Cat Toys to Buy in 2020

Best Cat Toys to Buy in 2020

A bored feline becomes a destructive force of nature quickly. If your kitty spends a lot of time at home alone, you may notice scratched furniture, torn toilet paper, and midnight laps at full speed around your property.

You can prevent many of these behaviors by offering a cat some entertainment throughout the day. When felines play, it uses energy, promotes cognitive maintenance, and creates social interactions.

These cat toys are the best ones that you’ll find on the market today.

List of the Best Cat Toys to Bring Home

1. YOUTHINK Cat Scratcher
Cats want three things in life: a full food dish, a comfortable bed, and a place to scratch. You’ll solve two of those issues with this one toy. It is a fully-scratchable cardboard rink that you can form into several different shapes. The comfy spot in the middle is the perfect place for a nap. An attached ball toy lets them chase and throw whenever they want. A packet of catnip comes with the product to ensure immediate interest.

2. Trixie Cat Activity Center
This cat toy works hard to keep your kitty mentally stimulated throughout the day. It provides five different activities to accomplish all of their physical senses. When they work out the puzzle correctly, they earn a treat! This product is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Some felines may get bored with the challenge, but the good news is that more than one kitty can play simultaneously.

3. Peek-a-Prize Toy Box
Bring this board home to keep your cats entertained for hours. It is filled with holes that let your kitties stuff their favorite items into the container. Then they can bat the pieces out to start the process all over again! You can put treats or new toys in there, creating ways to appeal to their curiosity every day. Once the prize is out of the box, an entirely new game can start!

4. SmartyKat Skitter Critters
Although some cats don’t go crazy for catnip, most enjoy having a good chase when a mouse is involved. This toy combines those two traits into one fun product! Each one is filled with catnip to encourage play. Everything is made with organic materials so that you don’t need to worry about any pesticides or chemicals. You’ll receive a pack of three with purchase. Fish and other animal designs are available.

5. Sushi Toys for Cats
This faux sushi toy looks surprisingly realistic from a distance. It is a novelty item that comes with four maki and four nigiri-style roles in a miniature Bento box, giving you a level of presentation that’s perfect as a gift. There aren’t any strings or attachments on the outside of the product, although catnip and bells inside of the sushi encourage lots of play.

The best cat toys to buy in 2020 can help kitties have fun at all hours of the day. When you have their boredom cured, your home might stay somewhat organized!

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