Best Treat Brands to Offer a Dog
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Best Treat Brands to Offer a Dog

Best Treat Brands to Offer a Dog

Pets respond positively to treats. Even the animals that aren’t entirely motivated by food discover the pleasure of a tasty, chewy morsel. If you even say the word “treat” or rustle the bag, you’ll get wagging tails, perky ears, and undivided attention.

Your pet doesn’t care about the brand of treat that you offer. Their primary concern involves the flavor and texture of the product.

That means it is up to you to provide them with a healthy treat in moderation. These are the best brands that can help you to achieve that outcome.

List of the Healthiest Treats to Offer

1. Natural Balance Mini-Rewards
Dogs are often food-motivated, creating an opportunity to do some training. These small treats encourage the learning process to develop without providing a big boost of calories. Each one is only five calories, made up of 10% protein, 6% fat, and 5% fiber. There isn’t any corn, wheat, or artificial anything found on the ingredient list, making it the perfect solution for a pet of any age.

2. Rocco and Roxie Jerky Sticks
A healthy dog jerky product can motivate almost any individual. Even some cats enjoy this affordable snack! The treats get made in small batches, providing consistent results with six0-inch sticks without any soy or wheat. Several flavor varieties are available, including turkey, chicken, and beef. You won’t have that greasy residue left on your hands after handing them out, which is an extra benefit.

3. Wellness Soft Puppy Bites
These treats contain twice the fat content of most others. They also give your pet a healthy dose of DHA, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids that they need for growth. Each one you offer helps the animal’s bones, teeth, and skin develop correctly. If your pup doesn’t like this treat for any reason, you can take advantage of its money-back guarantee.

4. Natural Balance Limited Ingredients
Some dogs (and other pets) must stay away from most treats because of their food allergies. Animals can even develop an upset stomach when introducing new items to their diet without an adjustment period. These treats come with six flavor options while reducing carbohydrate and protein sources. You’ll have options like potato, lamb, and duck to select based on what you’re already feeding your pet.

5. SmartSticks Rawhide Chews
If your pet enjoys chewing, rawhide can be a positive choice to offer as a treat. It must be designed in a way that the product doesn’t get stuck in the animal’s throat. These sticks reduce that risk considerably. Although they have almost zero fat, you’ll get 9% protein from the ingredients. It’s the perfect snacking alternative for those times when you’re on your way home, and you need your pup to stay out of trouble.

The quality of treat you offer a dog can influence the effectiveness of your obedience training and everyday activities. Choose an option from this list today to see if it can help you achieve the results you want to see in your pet.

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