Easiest Way to Install a Catio on Your Property
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Easiest Way to Install a Catio on Your Property

Easiest Way to Install a Catio on Your Property

Indoor cats love an opportunity to explore outside. Many of them enjoy lounging in the grass in some sunshine without a care in the world.

Savvy felines know that potential predators could be in their yard. Others couldn’t tell if an eagle was going to scoop them up until it was already too late.

When you want to protect your cat from harm while giving them a chance to enjoy some outdoor time, a “catio” is your best option.

Here’s how you can build one on your property.

Step #1: Choose the Correct Location
A cat enclosure should have easy access to a door or window. Felines prefer the independence of going outside or staying in based on their decisions. Once you know where to place it, consider the size, foundation, and views that your pet receives upon the project’s completion.

Step #2: Gather Your Building Materials
A successful catio requires 16-gauge galvanized welded wire for a fence to protect your cat. A vinyl-coated cable is a suitable alternative. Your floor already exists, which means you need to build a roof and some shelving to help your pet explore. Cedar works best. You’ll need screws, nails, and possibly a saw to complete the structure. A staple gun is useful for attaching the fence.

Step #3: Put Everything Together
A catio doesn’t need to be fancy; it just needs to be practical. Create a frame, attaching the wire, and add the roof. Structure the shelves between the support post to give your cat chances to lounge and climb. A simple one can get put together in under two hours.

Step #4: Add the Accessories
Cats love stimulation. When the sunbeam doesn’t provide enough to cure their boredom, having some scratchers and toys for them to use enriches the experience of the catio. You might consider adding some cat-safe plants, a water bowl, and a litter box for some extended enjoyment. As long as the decorations are feline-safe, you can be as simple or as extravagant as you want.

Step #5: Add a Tunnel
If your catio is away from the side of your house, consider adding a tunnel through a pet door for your pet to use. They can access the area whenever they want with this structure without taking a risk of becoming lunch for a predator. This structure can get made with the same wire that you used for the fence.

How you structure your catio depends on where you live and what your overall access points are. If you only have a window that your pets can use, a simple box that connects to the side of your house is suitable for some outdoor exposure. You could also build a massive oasis and tunnel if you have a big backyard. If you don’t feel like taking on this project, there is always the option of taking your cat for a walk with a leash and harness. That way, your pet won’t need to worry if a predator starts swopping around.

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